Weather2Umbrella Services

Weather Box

Weather Box is free W2U service which allows you to easily integrate W2U weather forecast into your own web site.

Our data base covers more than 2 million locations worldwide. You just need to sign up as W2U user and start using our free unlimited service.

Weather Feeds

XML, CSV or JSON format for unlimited number of locations worldwide. Daily or hourly weather forecast data generated twice a day. Service is charged deepening on number of locations and level of details.


W2U Weather Animation Studio is online system for generating weather show for broadcasting on TV stations or any kind of public screens like street billboards, shopping malls, hotels.

W2U Weather Animation Studio allows you to create your own Weather Movie with scenario and design predefined by W2U or by yourself as well. The end product is a MPEG4 Movie which could be downloaded any time from our pages. Service setup is free. Weather animation is offered in both white-label and ad-supported version.

Weather Animation Studio can also produce weather forecast for newspapers, in a print-ready format.

Weather Pro

Weather Pro is data provisioning service for professionals whose business depend on precise weather informations.

W2U provides data in binary format, either GRIB or NetCDF, which could be used as basis for creation of any value-added weather related product or service for third party, either B2B or B2C. Resale of data is not permitted.

For our clients who are interested in graphical presentation only, we offer Weather Maps Pro, web based graphical presentation of important weather parameters ( configurable by clients ).

Binary files and weather maps are products of W2U numerical weather models that are being updated up to four times a day.


W2U runs WaveWatch III wave model which helps shipping companies to organize travel plans and reduce business risks with timely information about forthcoming weather, updated up to four times per day.

Private sailors and yachting clubs can use this service too.

Data could be provided for single spot and/or specific route depending of the clients’ needs. Hourly forecast for up to 10 days can be provided. Data are available on the W2U web pages or could be sent daily/hourly in PDF format via e-mail.


W2U has developed several models that are used to forecast the production of electrical energy using wind turbines. These forecasting models are based on several meteorological models as weather data sources, and use different approaches in order to improve the precision of our forecast, depending on availability of historical data. Physical model, neural network model or combinations of both can improve your performance on wind energy trading market.

During the exploitation of the wind turbines, we can provide detailed weather information that will assist you in maintenance planning, by alerting to potentially hazardous weather situation that could jeopardize life and equipment.

Thanks to wave models like WaveWatch III, we are able to assist during construction/maintenance of offshore wind parks, by providing wave and weather data, which enable our clients to plan and execute, despite the whimsical forces of nature.

Additional services we provide are also important in an effort to make renewable energy available and efficient. Meteorological data for energy potential assessment, for a period of more than 5 years, and for various locations around the world, are an important tool for the planning phase.

W2U has over 10 years of experience in the European energy market, and over 20 years of experience in meteorological modelling. Our services are available through the customer side of this website, through various web services we provide, and can easily be customized to suit our clients’ needs.

Because of our IT experience, we can provide solutions and support for various platforms, which can maximise their possibilities and usability for our clients. Many of our products are offered as both web service on our website and as an in-house solution, depending on customer needs.